Urgent Need for Capital Construction Funds!

We were exceptionally fortunate to have been able to take over an existing failing preschool just as we were planning to open our own school this year. It allowed us to move into a much larger space and start with three classes instead of just one.

However, as part of the deal to take over the preschool, we also had to agree to put in a number of property and building improvements and repairs to bring the site up to code.  This has given us expenses that we had not budgeted for in our first year.

We are now running a capital funding campaign to raise the $6,000 needed to meet this obligation.  As of February 1, 2014, we have raised $1,200, but need another $3,800 by the end of March to keep our campus open. Please click on the 'Support Our School' tab at the top to find out more, and make a donation on the right-hand donation panel!