Our Campus

Our preschool is housed in a main building (shown below) that holds both our classrooms and our administrative offices.

The preschool also includes a library, a school hall, and a special movie room for watching documentary movies each week as part of the learning program.

The weekly documentary shows are conducted in a special hall referred to as the MOVIE ROOM.

The School library is named the 'Francisco Ferrer Library', in honor of the Spanish reformer who developed the Montessori teaching method that we use.

The school hall bears the name 'Early Athenians Hall', in memory of the early Athenians who valued the pursuit of knowledge and the idea of school, philosophy, logic, principles of political democracy and poetry.

Here are pictures, inside and outside, of our school building:

Our School Gate
Another picture of our school gate
Main classroom building
Side view of
classroom building
Classroom - front
Classroom - back