Extra-Curricular Activities

Our preschool provides a number of extra-curricular activities to support our students and provide them with the best learning environment.

Our campus includes a playground with swings and a slide for the students to use before and after school and during our breaks.

Students may also sign up to our meal program, where we provide a meal or two each day for the student (cost extra).

Educational extra - curricular activities of our school also include the showing of documentaries on science, medicine, technology, agriculture, etc. on Fridays.  Parents may also come and join this activity with their children. This activity is an important component of the school's motivational learning technique and enhanced learning environment, a Montessori teaching approach. 

The documentaries to be shown and the narratives translated in simplified local languages during or after the shows will include coverage on botany, aquatic - marine, mammalian, aviary, reptile, and amphibian animals, and insect life, at a level directed at preschoolers.